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Satellite symposium1 Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim & Lilly 10 Nov. 17:10~17:40 / Room 1
Chairs: Dong-Sun Kim
English Korean
Jeffrey Wayne Stephens
Swansea University, UK
A New Alternative in DPP4 inhibition

Satellite symposium2 Sponsored by Choongwae 10 Nov. 17:10~17:40 / Room 2
Chairs: Hak Chul Jang, Sung Rae Kim
English Korean
Sung Hee Choi
Seoul National University, Korea
The effects of pitavastatin on the progression of metabolic syndrome

Satellite symposium3 Sponsored by Handok 10 Nov. 17:10~17:40 / Room 3
Chair: Doo-Man Kim
English Korean
Andrew James Michael Boulton
University of Manchester, UK
An overview: the global problem of diabetes, diabetic neuropathies, erectile dysfunction etc

Breakfast symposium1 Sponsored by Daewoong 11 Nov. 7:00~8:00 / Room 1
Chair: Jae Myung Yu
English Korean
Young Min Cho
Seoul National University, Korea
Back to the fundamentals: MOA, PK, and PD of DPP-4 inhibitors

Breakfast symposium2 Sponsored by Novartis 11 Nov. 7:00~8:00 / Room 2
Chair: Moon Kyu Lee
English Korean
Giuseppe Paolisso
Second University of Naples, Italy
Importance and management of glucose fluctuations with vildagliptin
Hans-Henrik Parving
University of Copehagen, Denmark
Beneficial impact of direct renin inhibition on renal and cardiovascular disease

Breakfast symposium3 Sponsored by Pfizer 12 Nov. 07:00~08:00 / Room 1
Chair: Dong Seop Choi
English Korean
Chang Beom Lee
Hanyang University, Korea
What’s new & controversy on statin treatment in diabetes?

Breakfast symposium4 Sponsored by MSD 12 Nov. 07:00~08:00 / Room 2
Chair: Yong Ki Kim
English Korean
Jeong Hyun Park
Inje University, Korea
Updates on the clinical usefulness of sitagliptin

Luncheon symposium1 Sponsored by AstraZeneca 11 Nov. 12:00~13:30 / Room 1
Chair: Hyun Chul Lee
English Korean
Eun Seok Kang
Yonsei University, Korea
Overcoming barriers now in successful management of type 2 diabetes

Luncheon symposium2 Sponsored by Sanofi-aventis 11 Nov. 12:00~13:30 / Room 2
Chair: Sun Woo Kim
English Korean
Dae Jung Kim
Ajou University, Korea
Recent issues on hypertension management and role of aprovel

Luncheon symposium3 Sponsored by Handok 12 Nov. 12:20~14:00 / Room 1
Chair: Kyung Soo Ko
English Korean
Sin Gon Kim
Korea University, Korea
What is your choice for glycemic control? proven or new

Luncheon symposium4 Sponsored by Abbott 12 Nov. 12:20~14:00 / Room 2
Chair: Joong-Yeol Park
English Korean
Giuseppe M.C. Rosano
IRCCS San Raffaele, Italy
The treatment of atherogenic dyslipidemia in patients with diabetes mellitus