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2011 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism
2011 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism
2011 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism
Plenary lectures
Andrew James Michael BOULTON
Philipp E. Scherer
Special lectures
Robert A. Henry
Islet biology, insulin secretion, immunology and transplantation
S1 Islet cell death and regeneration
  • Role of innate immunity in b-cells and diabetes
  • Growth factor signaling in the regulation of islet cell regeneration

S5 Islet biology : an islet in distress and islet imaging

Insulin action and obesity
S2 Brain-peripheral tissue communication
  • Role of Rho-kinase in hypothalamic control of energy balance
  • Organ-organ interaction for metabolic control
  • Hypothalamic mechanisms of dietary obesity and co-morbidities
  • Role of glucose-regulated protein 78 (GRP78) in control of melanocortin 4 receptor signaling

S6 Translational studies on glucose metabolism
S10 Physiology and pathology of lipid metabolism
S14 Novel targets in steatosis and steatohepatitis

Clinical diabetes and therapeutics
S3 Recent advances in gut hormone and diabetes
  • Short-form glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) is expressed in pancreatic α-cells and gut endocrine cells
  • Molecular determinants within the core of the GLP-1 receptor that confer ligand binding and activation of the receptor
  • IBCAP; discovery of another intestinal hormone with beta cell augmenting activity
  • Bioconjugated incretin analogues for potential type 2 diabetes therapeutics

S7 NAD biology and metabolism
  • Therapeutic role of sirtuins in metabolic and age-related diseases
  • Control of the NAD+ redox state by the pyruvate dehydrogenase kinases
  • SIRT1 and/or AMPK activators as new drug candidates against metabolic disease from natural products

Epidemiology and genetics
S13 Diabetes prevention program in Asia
  • Epidemiology of Type 2 Diabetes in Asia
  • IDPP (Indian diabetes prevention program)
  • Long term effects of lifestyle intervention in different ethnic group
  • Japan diabetes prevention program (JDPP) and Japan diabetes outcome intervention trial-1 (J-DOIT1)
  • Panel discussion
  • Panel discussion
  • Panel discussion

S9 Juvenile diabetes

Acute and chronic complication
S11 Insulin resistance and vascular dysfunction
  • Regulation of microcirculation in diabetes
  • Insulin resistance and strategies to suppress vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation
  • Metabolic syndrome, adipokines and vascular inflammation

S15 Microvascular aspect of diabetic complications
  • Heart in diabetes ; a microvascular disease ( diabetic cardiomyopathy)
  • Diabetic Nephropathy; early marker and new therapeutics
  • HbA1c variability as a risk of microvascular complication in diabetes

Behavioral medicine & education (Nutrition)
S12 Introduction to 2011 KDA clinical recommendation of medical nutrition therapy (MNT)
  • Introduction to overview of 2011 KDA Clinical recommendation of MNT and compared to ADA 2011
  • New version of KDA Dietary recommendations-MNT, energy intake and carbohydrate
  • New version of KDA Dietary recommendations- protein, fat, vitamin and mineral
  • New version of KDA Dietary recommendations- fiber, sodium and alcohol

S16 Diabetes self-management education
  • Educational experience for children with diabetes
  • Diabetes self-management education for older adults: general principles and practical application
  • The effect of diabetes education that was applied to reinforce the lifestyle modification
  • Foot care for diabetics

S4 Diabetes education recognition programs in Asian countries
  • Recognition programs of diabetes educator and team in Taiwan
  • Learning roadmap for diabetes educators in Singapore
  • Recognition programs; an Australian experience
  • The status of diabetes education programs and clinics in Korea

S8 Exercise and pre diabetes
  • Physical activity in type 2 diabetes prevention programs
  • Role of physical activity in pre / hypertension
  • Exercise and type 2 diabetes: ACSM and ADA joint position statement

KDA-HIRA Joint symposium